Create Love: Our mission. Our inspiration. Our purpose.

We believe in bringing people together through personal expression. 

The entire creative process at D Street Designs is centered around human interaction, from our founder’s world travels all the way down to our shop’s custom-built counter that we gather around with clients. Our store is built to welcome people from all walks of life. Our jewelry is made with their dreams in mind. 

We’re not stocked full of pieces you’ll see in other retailers. Our custom pieces are one-of-a-kind artifacts handmade in our shop. Online and in-store, you’ll find the Core Collection, an always-in-stock collection of our favorite designs over the years. We meticulously design and craft each piece of D Street jewelry using only the highest quality metals and stones.

I didn’t start D Street Designs so I could work with metal, wax, and all the tools of the jewelry-making trade. I did it so I could work with people. It was never about just creating jewelry. It’s always been about creating love.

⁠—Doug E. Moore
Founder, D Street Designs