A symbol represents an idea or a process. Whether a person wants a wedding band – a symbol of love and commitment to another person, a skull necklace – a style symbol, a gemstone – a symbol of birth,a specific ring, bracelet or necklace for mothers, fathers, sisters, friends…

The possibilities are endless. People choose to symbolize important aspects of their lives, loves, passions and avocations.

Doug E Moore founded D Street Designs as his own symbol. D Street Designs is DougE’s symbol for an idea, a process, a lifestyle. Using precious metals and gem materials, D Street designs a piece of jewelry that timelessly captures intimate reflections.

“I couldn’t find the car I’d been dreaming of. So I decided to build it myself.” – Dr. Ferdinand Porsche

D Street is committed to exceptional design. The freedom of creating an artistic piece for another person is a liberty that is not overlooked. The attention to detail, uniqueness and handcrafted quality that goes into each and every project is what sets D Street apart.

Own the piece of jewelry you’ve always dreamed of. D Street will build it for you.

Find us at 45 St Lawrence Ave, Reno, Nevada 89509